BIP take care of the promotion of singles and albums for Belgian media (North and South – radio, television and magazines). Setting up promo activities , and the development of promo tools are included in order to enable a maximum of visibility towards all media. The concerned artist or label will get frequent updates about the situation in all different stages of promotion. More info: or +32(0)3 651 85 14.

This year (2004) BIP already is responsible for the hits of

Benny Benassi "Able To Love"
RMXCRW "Fresh"
Angel City "Love Me Right"
Scooter "Jigga Jigga"

Last year (2003) BIP was responsible for the hits of

Benny Benassi "Satisfaction"
Praise Cats "Shined On Me"
Scooter "Nessaja" , “Weekend”, “I Like It Loud”
Nance "If You Wanna Dance"
KMC ft. Dhany "I Feel So Fine"
Snap! "Rhytym Is A Dancer 2003"
Dj Boozywoozy "Raise Ya Hands Up (Uh Oh)"
56K "Save A Prayer"
Masters at Work "Work"
RMXCRW "Turn Me On"
ATB "I Don’t Wanna Stop"
Jan Wayne "Love Is A Soldier", “1,2,3, Keep The Spirit Alive”
Jason Nevins "I’m In Heaven"
Jordan & Baker "Explode"
Strump Dump "Old Skool Beat"
Murph Brown vs. Captain Hollywood "Axel F 2003"
Ultrabeat "Pretty Green Eyes"
Deepest Blue "Deepest Blue"
Sugacane "You Can’t Fool Mine"

In the (2002) BIP was responsible for the hits of

Dj Boozywoozy "One More Try"
Ebon-e “On My Way” & "How’ll I Know"
C.U.T. "One By One"
Balloon "Technorocker"
The Tone Selector "Heartbeat"
Technotronic "Runaway Blues”
Moogue "China Girl"
Evelyn Thomas "High Energy"
Marisa Turner "Secret"
Girlz "I’m So Glad I’m A Woman"
Dj One Finger "Housefucker"
Pat Krimson "Es Cubells"